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  1. Howdy CG!

    Your most welcome for the comments!

    And. . . Yes that is me in my profile pic. You may find it more comfortable if you were to lay yr head on my tummy- a little more "padding" for yr comfort, 'an all.

    * Envelops ChickenGuy in a MASSIVE bear hug *

    Hmmmm. . . Well, If that's what you want. . . Then- No. It's not me. It's my evil twin, Equipage. Yeah, that's right. . . Evil twin brother. Heh- Well, I've never had anyone be either particularly lovestruck, or foolish over me, so... go hard!

  2. Thanks for the comment rocabar! OMG, is that YOU I'm seeing in your profile pic? I want to fall asleep on that muscular chest. But I will settle for a giant bear hug. Better tell me that ISN'T you before I start crushing on you. Have I made a lovesick fool of myself yet?
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