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  1. Greedy boy!

    Hope all is well with you. Stop by and say Hi sometime. You don't always have to bring gifts (unless you've got any spares hanging around, that is )
  2. I only just got around to searching for Jager a few days ago. Unfortunately there aren't many pics of him around

    Happy New Year, handsome
  3. That's how I feel about Mr. Unknown too! I really wish he wasn't unknown though

  4. You're welcome
  5. Gasp. . . I forgot! Tks, for the heads up, and the wonderful comments, Darlin'
  6. You need some quality shore leave then, or a powerful telescope
  7. Heh. . . Kinda hard ta do when yr. stuck on a ship :-(
    Mebbe I'll stick around after my shift ends- Keep ya posted
  8. Glad to hear that you're doing well As for the hotties - you must be looking in the wrong places Have you tried scouting around the beaches?
  9. Hey Darlin'

    Thangs is goin' good down here. . . Still lookin' for tha' secksy dudes 'tho ;-)
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