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  1. LOL. . . It's been known to happen
  2. No idea. Weirdly enough, just now, a friend who grew up in the same hometown as me asked me "how'd that thing on Channel 2 work?", and I explained it in full detail...thirty-five years after the last time I gave the damn thing any thought whatsoever. Why this stuff stays in my brain is beyond me.
  3. Too thoughtful - I appear to have killed the thread.
  4. I won't be credited at all.
  5. Dirty dancing in between these two folks.
  6. Are you already booked?
  7. It was JUBbers I want to get naked and sweaty with.

    Actually, we were talking about JUBbers we like and appreciate. I mentioned that there was one whom I hardly interacted with on the forums, but he sent a lot of post comments so we interacted that way. That'd be you.
  8. Name dropped? Should I be worried?
  9. Weird. I think I just name-checked you in another thread...
  10. Well, if they're to be believed, there is no greater oppressed minority than the white, straight, Christian male. "Rich" can be added if you so desire.
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