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  1. Dipping things in tea often helps. I wish I knew more info about you.
  2. Do you see how stale and pathetic hot topics is without a thread posted by me?
  3. You tell me how you are doing. Um... I am guessing you are talking about the bar tender guy. I dont know how I am feeling about him now.
  4. How is your future husband doing?
  5. Find people who you know that brews it fresh and steaming hot. That's the first thing. What happens next... Any spills... Is just par for the course tbqh.
  6. I want to have a tea party. What should I do?
  7. Makes me smile knowing that
  8. Yeah. You make me smile.
  9. *Kristen Bell Crying On Ellen Show Gif* Rly?!
  10. The think has been removed.
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