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  1. I'm talking about your Reality Show thread. Wonderful.

    Well... I would like to see the boy who is reflected in the tea.
  2. Where's the lie? I can't with these people coming for my gifs though. So pressed.

    Some people enjoy cold flavorless tea. Why stop them?
  3. You are the most fabulous person I know.
  4. I see no lies, tbh
  5. Because you are still a teen who seems to want romance over sex. Very delightful indeed.
  6. Fixed Why more amazed? I thought I couldn't get more amazing? I have transcended my own threshold. HEW ELSE?
  7. No no no. I am not a sis. I am now more amazed by you
  8. Brah.. I'm 19

    (Don't look at my join date)
  9. Well... It feels like you are about 24. Or, you might be a Lex. I am not certain which. I also wonder what the real man looks like.
  10. The mystery is intoxicating rite? Or at the very least curious?
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