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  1. Do u ever skype? Do u leave your manly scent in the crack of your dress slacks. I would love to do poppers and spend hours sniffing an tasting up and down your manly beefy crack
  2. Can u do skype with me. I need u
  3. Can we please skype. I need to fantasize about sniffing your musky black crack and hole up and down. Tasting u so deep. Let me smell that hole through your dress slacks. Please get back to me
  4. Hello. Can u skype with me some time. I would like to see u in those dress slacks and imagine smelling u through them
  5. I wish i could sniff and slobber all over your furry musky black butthole after u work all day. Do u leave that musky scent in the crack of your dress slacks?
  6. Dammm. I want to sniff your hole through your dress slacks after u work all day. Let me get the seat of them wet before i bury my tongue and nose deep inside your furry manly musky black hole
  7. Can we skype sometime. I need u
  8. Does your crack build up a strong scent? I want to smell and suck on the crack of your dress slacks and smell and taste the funk u leave in them.
  9. Indont think it went through. I use to sneek in my dad's room and sniff the cracks of polyester slacks and suck on his black musky nylon socks. Do u leave scent in the cracks of your slacks. Would love to smell and taste up and down your hairy musky dark
    Crack. I love black hairy musky crack so
  10. Did u get my last message about my dad's slacks?
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