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  1. You're welcome.

    I think I get where you're coming from - my JUB-life is my own private time. No-one in my real world knows I'm here - or even knows of JUB - and that's the way I want it to stay.
  2. Thanks Red for the Congrats on my so-called 10,000 posting...I'm def not telling anyone outside of this site.."Hey guess what I got 10,000 postings on a Porn site.."...yeah, right...LOL...
  3. 10,000 posts! CONGRATULATIONS!
  4. Hey Red...Glad you're back to posting more.........
  5. -----message deleted by wilbur33-----
  6. Thanks for re-accepting my Friend request - my list got 'wiped' in the site makeover.
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