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  1. John, if you've been to Rochester, from Ohio, how did you get here w/out going through PA - fly?
    And, I don't know - the Erie stores are new in the past couple of years, I think -
    Locator Detail | Wegmans - Wegmans Erie West

    They aren't making "small" stores. A lot of the Rochester area ones are probably smaller, since they date from the 80's or so. It probably has just about everything our big stores have, maybe even more, depending on liquor laws in PA. We don't have wine, VA stores do.

    Take a drive on the wild side- and take some coolers, lol. And LOTS of money!!!
    Take a friend to share the experience with.
  2. Ah,...but none, I'm sure, like the Super Wegman's in Rochester. It's huge! Though I have never been to PA.
  3. If it's any consolation, they have two in Erie -
    5: Wegmans Erie 6143 Peach Street Erie PA 16509 Pennsylvania
    6: Wegmans Erie West 5028 West Ridge Road Erie PA 16506 Pennsylvania
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