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  1. Did not say YOUR MAYOR...said a NY Mayor. You need more down time.
  2. I think it's Owain but not sure...too much for one old brain lol
  3. That weren't no e-mail, that was a post over in my thread.
  4. That weren't no e-mail, that was a post over in my thread.
  5. I sent you an e-mail saying I got confused because some asshole was in the next room watching the idiot box ...TIVO amd catching up on 3 weeks of Blue Bloods, a Friday night stand down or I will program your
    damn sets with 150 hour loops of Honey BooBoo and kill the off switches.
  6. re Papa Johns. no, its just another cardboard box w/o the box...but it ain't frozen and it
    aint that greasy crap from the chains....we lost our only 2 real pizza places a few years ago.
    High end gourmet and not enough people could afford it anymore.
    We use PJ as a crust and go from there...BTW, I hate pizza. Roomie likes it cardboard and
  7. re comment..actually Have an xp based in a shed somewhere. am I he only one that hardly gets e-mails, p/ms or comments here
  8. any clue WTF is going on in Jubberville?

    They write bad cks to pay the bills or something?
  9. Evening, Pony boy. Welcome to our limited communications mode.
  10. comment re Standing or riding. The avatar was produced in ref to the 'horsemeat posts'...
    The somewhat deadsarky comment meant to imply (via avatar) two kinds of meat I offer.
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