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  1. hey, sorry for the long delay in my response. a good quality mp3 file would be the best for me. i usually use Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire for uploading/downloading music (album) files. Do u use it too?
  2. Nice feet btw
  3. Do you want low quality mp3s or Lossless Wavs Cloned from Vinyl/CD Factory quality? Its HUGE file sie though sounds as clean as an authentic copy.
  4. hey, noticed you like cher's - i paralyze. i wish i had a good mp3 copy of this cd to listen to. can you hook me up? i remember being a little kid and seeing cher perform the title track on the solid gold tv show! if i'm not mistaken, i paralyze was written by olivia newton-john's long time producer/writer, john farrar. at the time olivia was super popular with "physical".
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