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  1. Heya - yeah, partially out of hibernation, where'd my belly go?
  2. Ah - does add to it somewhat
  3. Ugh! I hate when tinypic fail. Here's the gif link.
  4. Done! ..........
  5. Oi!!!

    Empty your mailbox!!!!
  6. Hey cheers man - was wondering what the long weekend was for (didn't even think about your local traditions). Long weekend's always good, as are fireworks (well, big ones anyway). Hope you're all good
  7. Hey buddy
    Can't wait for the long July 4th weekend. It's time for a break from work...and catch up on JUB gossip
  8. Dang - only just got shown a post comment from you on the 27th - JUB's holding out on me!!!
  9. Yo! Just realized I didn't reply to your last message. Will do tonight.
  10. Cheers for the comment. Yeah - I condition with their cookies and cream flavour
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