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  1. So when are you going to show yourself, man?!
  2. Jeah, brah!
  3. um hmm...that's what all hoarders say at the beginning, "2 is not hoarding"..."5 is not hoarding"..."25 is not hoarding"
  4. Two is not hoarding, dammit!
  5. It's good to be back! I missed you too.
  6. Welcome back man! Missed you around here.
  7. oh shit!
  8. I would rather be a sex therapist...a hands-on paid sex therapist. It's more legit than being a hooker.
  9. I keep them fresh in the vegetable bin. I can't come to dinner. I can stop by for dessert though
  10. Actually the dildos are in the fridge.
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