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  1. Does this long absence mean you've been on your honeymoon and just too busy to spend time here? Or just that it was time for a break. I'm getting close to that. It is becoming too much mechanical process and not interaction. Maybe I'll head back to the opinions and questions forum.
  2. do hope you are doing well; I've written that before! But it is true. Should I ask what you have been up to? I do hope that the boy friend and you are progressing and that life is treating you well.

  3. Do hope you are doing well. Are you ready for the holidays? Are you headed south to Florida or such? Anything of import in your life of late? All I have are questions; Don't see you on here often and have the need to keep up!
  4. Rick,

    Glad to hear that you are doing well and staying busy. I'm glad that you enjoyed a summer full of scantily clad men and wonderful weather! Do enjoy the harvest season, and the scenery autumn provides.

    take care my friend,
  5. Hello Rand ole Pal ole Chum!

    I must admit that I wandered away from JUB for awhile now....but that doesn't mean that you weren't in my thoughts. Hope you are well. Life on the farm is fine...its harvest time here, not that I'm harvesting anything. Work is busy and I'm sad to see the summer go as it was a nice one. Happy Halloween My Friend!
  6. just checking in - - hope all is well with you and upper Ohio. Is your house completely remodeled? Are you enjoying family and friends and friends with benefits?

    Will you take care of yourself and stay happy?

  7. Yep, its Ohio. Can't believe it got that hot today for you. Cool here.....low 60's. Did some yard work and went to a Cinco de Mayo pot luck today. Adios!
  8. I missed you! Well, do hope you are doing well. It was around 97 degrees here on the fourth of May. Getting warm rather quickly. What is going on in the great state of Ohio? (it is Ohio isn't it?)
  9. Turning 8 on the 24th! Do hope all is well
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