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  1. Flash is cool

    A light compact version of Google Earth can be found here

    if you just want maps and see the world. The creator also has a neat planetarium site. I spend lots of time just playing with it occasionally. I've managed to track Venus across the sky with it - it was the brightest thing in the sky other than the sun and moon, and there's also moon phases and the ability to change the date and time to see the heavens move. You may also view at different ...
  2. Heaven's not enough

    heaven's not enough
    if when you get there...
    just another blue
    and heaven's not enough
    you think you've found it
    and it loses you
    you thought that of all there is
    but not enough
    and it loses you in a cloud
    "there" most everything is nothin'
    that it seems
    "where" you see the things you only wanna see
    I'd fly away
    to a higher plane
    to say words I resist
  3. Call me, call me...

    Yoko Kanno 菅野よう子 (Kanno Youko 菅野洋子) is a japanese composer who has specialises in writing, composing, and arranging music for anime アニメ. I first became aware of her work through watching the anime series Cowboy Bebop カウボーイビバップ, in particular this song, "Call Me, Call Me", sung by Steve Conte.

    The song appears at the end of Episode 24. The beatuiful Fey rediscovers her past, Ed has found that she needs to move on, Ein wants to join Ed, and long time partners Spike and Jet
  4. Cooking in Aspic

    I ambled down to Waterstones bookshop, and looked for something that tickled my fancy. I came across this

    It's a hoot. Pre-WW2 cooking preserved in aspic. It has meals like Sheep's Head Stew :eek:, and it tells you what to do with the brains too :gogirl:.

    I'm enjoying reading it ..|

    In my spare time, of course :D
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