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Mr Frodo

  1. My trip to Peru, or How I found out that i am not a world traveler.

    Well I am back safe and sound from Peru, and it's good to be home.

    I left on October 4th to go up to LAX, to catch my plane early on the morning of the 5th. I left LA on the morning of the 5th and arrived in Mexico City for a three hour stop over. So in Mexico City i had to go through customs, which i did not expect. That was fine except for the brief time, approximately 45 seconds i misplaced my pass port. It is amazing how quickly you can experience terror. Luckily I left it ...
  2. My Fifteen year old brain.

    O.k so I am going to Peru in October to visit Javier. A little back story on him. I met him here in San Diego in January of '04, I was living in Arizona at the time and came here on a spur of the moment thing because i had to help out a friend. My friend was doing a turn around trip and driving back the next day, so I decided to stay a few days. So two days after I arrive I go to the bathhouse and meet Javier. It was in the "tv room" where I first saw him. I was trying to look all ...
  3. Poetry

    I remember your body more than I do your face

    I say this only because it is true
    not because the latter meant less

    But in times of solitude it is your hands
    your arms the ridges of your back your mouth
    that weave through my memory

    Your face i see at time of anger

    Anger not at you but at it

    Its names spill from my mind
    like spent rain through cascading eaves

    Antibody positive, HIV, ...