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  1. Recommended Blogs & Sites (volume 3)

    Occasionally, I will find a blog or web site
    which really merits sharing. Most will
    contain some high-quality photos of great
    looking men.

    I will list the address for such sites here.
    If you find an address that does not work,
    please let me know.

    Thank you and enjoy!


    Adonis Complex:

    Anatomy of Hot: ...
  2. Kfir Danieli

    Kfir Danieli is a dancer, actor
    and musician. I recently saw
    him perform at the Broward
    Center in south Florida. His
    dancing routines are full of
    energy. Of course, it does not
    hurt that he has been blessed
    with not only great talent but
    also great looks. He will open
    on Broadway, beginning in
    May 2010. He also plans to
    produce his first album during
    the summer of 2010. Though I
    am not an aficionado of the arts, ...
  3. Legs, Pits and Trails

    There is nothing more appealing
    to me than a man with some hair
    on the legs, under the arm pits or
    along the "treasure" trail. Not too
    much, but just enough. There is
    no need to cut or trim what grows
    naturally. Enjoy! ...
  4. Friends

  5. Great Looking Men

    Occasionally I will find the photo
    of a man who has a great looking
    face, chest, arms and legs. I do not
    know his name. At the same time,
    I would like to share his natural
    beauty with others. Enjoy! ...
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