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  1. Where to now?

    I'm now at one of those little crossroads you find on the road of life. Such a hackneyed metaphor, but so universal. . . .

    Finished my latest grad degree this month but because of the holidays and university system my final transcript / degree won't be available until early January.

    I like to teach abroad (maybe one day I'll end my exile if a good opportunity comes up, but I'm still young enough to like to travel and live overseas). In testing the job opportunities ...
  2. Yes, finally fixing up my homepage

    Seeing that over a 140 people have looked at my homepage -- or was that just spiderbots? -- I decided I probably should do something with it.

    I had a blog back in the 90s and have not really decided whether to keep one here, but as I'm finishing up grad school this month I may have some spare time (until then, well, I'm actually procrastinating as I type!).

    I write and record music: maybe I'll figure out a way to put it up for download if anyone's interested. I was ...