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  1. It's over...

    Well my vacation is about nearing its end. I am eager to get back to Boston and get busy with things. I gotta get back to working so I have money. I have about a week and a half until I start my internship, which I'm so excited about, and school also starts back soon. The internship is probably going to be the greatest thing in my life. Seriously...

    Anyway, this has been an amazing trip. It was my fourth trip out to Seattle and I never get tired of the place or the company. My ...
  2. Seattle!

    Well I leave in about an hour and I'm so happy to get out of Boston.

    I can really feel that this is a new chapter in my life.

    I have one more year of grad school left and I know it's gonna be really hard and really busy but I know I'm gonna love it. After that...who knows!

    Goodbye JUB for about a week! :wave:

  3. Who can I trust?

    Lately, I'm starting to find that it's really hard to trust people. I trust my closest friends and of course I trust my family and I also trust myself. But outside of that I don't know who else I can trust.

    I think some people put on these facades just to make you happy. They put on these attitudes where they persuade you to trust them. And you fall for it.

    Trust has become a big issue. I need to feel secure and I need a lot of reassurance of that trust. Because if ...
  4. the feeling

    I'm feeling rather depressed today after a few days of being on a high.

    I just started to have this sad feeling that I really can't shake.

    I guess I'm wondering...

    Wondering where my ex is...what he's doing.

    Because he doesn't give a crap about me than why do I care about him.

    And why am I not paying attention to all those people around me that DO care about me.

    "I wish I was the moon tonight"
  5. Some Days

    I posted this in the thread about poetry. But I have been listening to this for the past week.

    "Some Days"

    by James Baldwin

    Some days worry
    some days glad
    some days
    more than make you mad.
    Some days,
    some days, more than shine:
    when you see what's coming
    on down the line!

    Some days you say,
    oh, not me never - !
    Some days you say
    bless God forever.
    Some days, you say, ...
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