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  1. The Fraternity

    The Fraternity
    A Fictional Essay by P. Atreides

    There's this little neighborhood bar around the corner from my apartment. From the outside it looks like any other normal drinking hole. When you walk into it, it still looks that way. Slot machines built into the bar, stools lined up in front of the machines. A small kitchen for your standard bar fare: burgers, fries, wings and the like. Tables and chairs, booths. Seats maybe 175 people. A small hallway leading to the restrooms ...
  2. FINALLY!!

    Imagine that. When I realized it had been so long since I'd gone to one of the local J/O group meetings I signed up to attend the last one. The group meets twice per month on Friday afternnoons at one of the local bathhouses.

    Aaaaahhhhhhhh..... I feel SO much better! Small group - 7 guys showed up. Got hooked up with one of our member's member. He's in his late 30's, early 40's I guess. Very slim, dark hair, glasses, a little geeky. But he had great hands! What can I say? He's got ...
  3. Weekend J/O to remember!

    Third Entry. April 19, 2005.

    As you can tell, I don't necessarily get to post on the exact day that I write. But, it's OK. At least I get to put these in at some point.

    Well, it's been a couple weeks I guess. It's been pretty busy for me. Both at work and personally. Huge project at work. Personal time is usually spent at the theatre either rehearsing for a show or working on some other project that needs to get done. Had a show in performances that finally closed. ...
  4. Entry 2

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Some days I get so fuckin horny I can't stand it! Today's one of those days... Maybe it's from the guy that waltzed past me this morning. I was standing in front of the office building having a smoke. He goes strolling by with a huge pole tenting against his pantsleg. I mean HUGE!! I couldn't stop myself from staring at it as he walked by. He smiled and said good morning. All I could do was grunt and nod. Sheesh...

    'Course perusing the site here ...
  5. First One

    I've flogged plenty of logs, but I've never blogged one. So, with that in mind, I hope anyone who stumbles onto this and reads won't be terribly bored. 'Course, I understand these things are basically for solo use anyway. (And I like doing a solo flog almost as much as I like flogging with buddies. I mean blog... Damn! Gotta get this teminology down here!)

    Hope my humor isn't too lame.

    So, here goes. My first entry:

    Monday, April 11, 2005.