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  1. Guests Away - Atreides Plays

    Monday, May 16

    Well, it was a nice relaxing weekend. Went to see Chorus Line - ugh!. Not a very inspired production to say the least. They cut a lot of stuff from the script and it still ran almost 2 hours! Eeeek! Run, Toto, run!!

    The rest of the weekend was very nice. Got lots of sleep. Got off 3 times. That was especially nice. Got laid once and two nice stroking sessions. Ahhhhhh. Love it when I can jack off, come, and then just drift off to sleep. It's like living ...
  2. Just HAD to share...

    Thursday, May 12

    Wooooooooweee!! Just got out of a lunch meeting going over the company 401k plan. Doesn't sound very exciting does it? But let me tell you, the guy from Merrill Lynch who did the presentation - one hot stud-muffin. Dark and just under 6' tall, dark hair, dark brown eyes, nice build, and the longest, thickest eyelashes I've seen on a guy in a long, loooong time. He's enough to turn your head immediately.

    I happened to be sitting in the chair next to ...
  3. Warning: Rant!

    Wednesday, May 11

    Did you read Dear Abby today??? UnFUCKing believable! This idiot writes in complaining that she's a mouthpiece for the gay community because she cited (and agrees) with scientific evidence pointing towards the fact that there are approximately 300 vertebrate species in the animal world that exhibit homosexual behavior. And recent studies have isolated that it is certainly genetic. This guy tells her she must retract her statement!! What a fucking MORON!!!
  4. Catchin' Up

    Monday, May 9

    Well, it's been a while... Just been positively up to my eyeballs in work. Serious OT here. Up to 14 hours per day. Just gets ya absolutely exhausted!

    So, the blog has suffered. So has everything else... No time for anything! No fun of any kind: no veggin out in front of the television, no lounging by the pool, no JACKING OFF!! That's the worst! Having my balls suffer is something I can't take for vey long. I'm used to getting off every few days - at the ...
  5. The Fraternity

    The Fraternity
    A Fictional Essay by P. Atreides

    There's this little neighborhood bar around the corner from my apartment. From the outside it looks like any other normal drinking hole. When you walk into it, it still looks that way. Slot machines built into the bar, stools lined up in front of the machines. A small kitchen for your standard bar fare: burgers, fries, wings and the like. Tables and chairs, booths. Seats maybe 175 people. A small hallway leading to the restrooms ...
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