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  1. Stem Cell Research Bill --Vetoed!!

    I am so mad right now at President Bush II that I could just spit!!!

    Why does he have to be so damned righteous about the stem-cell issue?

    We ALL know that these "parts" are what will be thrown away's NOT unborn children that will NOT be born!

    President Bush and the Ultra-Far-Right, just try and put it "ALL" as just being a "Black or White" issue........Well, ...
  2. You Attack Me: "I Have Every Right To Defend Myself"!!

    I strongly believe in the sincerity and genuine heart of people who fight Evil on one hand yet make peace on the other one.

    The problem is when you try to make peace with the Evil.

    The Palestinians are not evil. Hammas and Islamic Jihad are.

    The Palestinians are not evil but Fatah and Al Aqsa Brigade are.

    The Palestinians are not evil but the heads of these organizations ...
  3. Boston's "Big-Dig" Blunder

    The head of the agency overseeing Boston's Big Dig highway project ordered a review of the entire metro highway system Wednesday after investigators looking into the fatal collapse of concrete ceiling slabs found 60 more questionable areas inside the same tunnel.

    Initial inspections revealed dozens of signs of bolts loosening and other potential failures in the eastbound connector tunnel, part of ...
  4. World Cup: Ciao France..........Italia!!!

    Italy outlasted France on Sunday in a World Cup final watched by an estimated 1.2 billion people 17 percent of the world's population.

    The game capped off a 2006 Germany World Cup marked by some mediocre play and questionable (to say the least) officiating. But a lackluster tournament will do little to tarnish the simple beauty of the game for billions of fans worldwide, this writer included, who must now, ...
  5. North Korea: Paper Tiger!!!

    No Man's Land, which stretches eerily between North Korea and South Korea, is like no place else on Earth, a relic of a war ended with an uneasy cease-fire 53 years ago this month.

    Panmunjom is a creepy little village in the demilitarized zone between the two countries, where American soldiers and North Korea's communist forces maintain a tense standoff. Americans are warned against flamboyant or provocative clothing, ...
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