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  1. "Goodnight, Sweet Prince"

    For Ryan (Kristoff)

    I had no idea when I received your last message that it would be the final one.
    Nor, I suspect, did you. You had said yours and Vince's computer was down again, and you wanted to explain your pending absence. "Don't worry," you wrote, "I'll make notes of all the things that I want to say. I have to these days, or they're gone forever!
    As Mr Schwartzennegger has been known to say, 'I'll be back.'

    You went out of my ...
  2. Circles

    John Oxenham of Manchester left behind a number of provocative short
    poems. I especially like this onel

    "He drew a circle that shut me out,
    Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that shut him in."

    Along side that one, I lay Robert Frost's declaration, "Something there is in me that doesn't like a wall, that wants it down."

    For so many lonely years I wanted ...
  3. Real Friends or Internet Friends? Yes, and Yes!

    Internet Friends or Real Friends?

    Friends you have never seen, never will see.
    Blogging friends. Instant messaging friends. The vocabulary on friends has changed with the advent of the cyber age.

    Friends, according to conventional wisdom, are acquaintances for whom there is a mutual affinity. They were always there, or so it seems. New friends come into our lives with changing circumstances: in school, in business, in churches, clubs, sports groups, we widen our ...
  4. Gian Carlo Menotti dies at 95

    Gian Carlo Menotti, Italian born composer, did most of his distinguished body of work in America. Menotti died yesterday.

    The title most likely to be recognized among his several operas is "Amahl and the Night Visitors," commissioned by NBC for television at the middle of the twentieth century. "Amahl" is still produced around the world at Christmas time.

    Menotti's longtime companion, another distinguished American composer, Samuel Barber, preceded him ...
  5. Play Pretties

    Play Pretty

    "The baby won't quit squalling," Mama said. "Hand him a play pretty." Unless you were raised in the American South, you may not recognize the words or syntax of this blog. Play Pretty evolved into "pacifier," but before that came the "sugar teat," which would have distressed the pediatricians, had there been any. We had no idea of the meaning of A.D.D., we just knew that "that kid is so hyper, he can't sit still." We had ...
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