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  1. Two Years to the Day, R.I.P.

    In 2004, I lost my father to brain cancer after he fought it for almost 3 years. It seems like it has been forever, even though it has only been 2 years as of today, April 6th. I remember that day, I was relieved that he did not have to suffer anymore, but I will never have him back.
    He was too young, heck, I was too young, to lose my father so early in life. I thought I would write this Blog to vent since I have been in a downer type mood all day. It truly flipped my world upside ...
  2. Betray Me

    Okay so I found this song not awhile ago and think it is amazing so ya'll should check it out. Great lyrics and background music, simply amazing.

    Betray (a.k.a. Betray Me) by Adema

    I watched you change,
    I never knew,
    That you would be,
    Like all the rest.
    You were so true, too good to be true.
    I trusted you, and fell apart again.

    I cannot change the fact,
    That you're not coming back.
    So depressed, I'm your ...
  3. Summer for a Student - What to do?

    I have no clue what I'm doing this summer. Being of school is great but I really don't have much to do. I'll be starting up my part time job again but what do I do for the rest of my summer. Many of my friends have gone away for the summer which sucks so anyone have suggestions for me??

    I think I'm gunna keep reading all of my Law and Psychology books. Guh, I don't wanna be bored al summer!!
  4. Exams + Projects = EVIL : (

    Okay, well this blog is to vent on my past week and the couple of days I have left of the school year. Today was my official last day before exam week. I find myself having two exams tomorrow which I don't even get a day to study for; I have only had days after school which has demanding homework and projects as well!

    I am gunna die with the exams too because I have University Biology and Psychology tomorrow as well as a Law exam the next day. Ugh, I am so angry :grrr:. I hope ...