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  1. Better than it seemed

    Know what? My gambling problem pales in comparison with others.

    To begin with, it's specific. I have no interest in sports betting. I can resist the lottery. I don't play casino table games. I don't like the casinos outside Atlantic City.

    And three of my favorite casinos are closing in the next three weeks! Yikes, if my money wasn't enough to keep them open I must be insignificant.

    Anyhow, I've gone a month and a half without gambling at all. And I am pretty ...
  2. How are things working for you?

    Sometimes people like me reach a point where they realize their life is pretty dysfunctional. I'm there.

    The methods I've used to live my life, although perhaps appropriate in the past, are not working for me any more.

    I've come to realize that I am a problem gambler, with the casino slot machines, and I'm going to get help I need with that. I've taken a step and disposed of my casino affinity cards, mailings, and e-mails.

    My job isn't the best fit for me ...
  3. Special orders

    I'm a big library user. I'm blessed to live where we have excellent public libraries organized in a county-wide system; I can borrow from and return materials to any of the 28 branches. And I can ask for anything circulating from any branch to be delivered to me at whichever branch is most convenient for me. They'll even get books not in the county to me from elsewhere in the state. (I've done that three times and it still amazes me.)

    My most recent special orders were for books by ...
  4. As winter ends...

    it's annoying me more and more.

    I thought the cold days were over., Maybe they are but I feel cold now. I want real springtime in full bloom.
  5. Laughing at others' misfortunes

    Oh, I am so bad.

    The recent ice storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, especially those in the north and west.

    Not me.

    I was in my warm home with full power, watching TV news show people in towns where I work (and that I don't much like) with no electricity and downed trees and branches blocking roadways.

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

    I said...I'm so bad.

    (note: I learned Yardley, ...
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