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  1. Write your posts in an external editor

    I just discovered this little nifty Firefox extension:

    I know that some people here write their posts in an external editor before posting them here, because they think it is more comfortable.
    With this plugin it becomes a bit easier to do so. Just install it, restart Firefox.
    Go to Tools -> Extensions, and select "External Editor" in the list, click "Options" and then "Browse" ...
  2. Please install the Firefox 1.01 Update

    a small firefox update ist available over auto update NOW.
    if you don't get a small clickable red arrow symbol in the top right corner, go to
    tools -> options -> advanced -> software updates -> check now.

    please install the update, since it protects you from some bugs that make firefox a bit vulnerable against certain (not YET existing ;) ) ad/spyware.
  3. Pornzilla! The best webbrowser for porn - Firefox based, of course.

    Still not using Firefox? Read here why it is also the bes browser for porn!

    I just stumbled over this little website:
    where they list several Bookmarklets and extensions for Firefox to make it easier to browse porn with Firefox :) this just too funny, but still true!
  4. get notified when you get new JUB-Mail!

    Hi guys and girls,

    i was searching weather there is a way to make the JUB webmail RSS Feed working with Firefox's LiveBookmarks, unfortunately it seems not to be possible - yet. But they have a Firefox extension planned, yay!

    But until the Extension is published, I found something else! HiveMonitor. A small (windows) program which can check your JUB webmail account in periodic intervals and notifies you when new mails arrive!

  5. Firefox 1.0 Tutorial, Part Three of Three

    Firefox 1.0 Tutorial
    Part Three

    This (last) part, of the tutorial will deal with some of the more advanced features and tricks of FF. That doesn't mean that they are more complicated, i

    just put them here, so that the first-time users aren't too confused, and get used to FF a bit, before trying out stuff from here :)

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