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  1. Just a little under the water

    The blue of the water and the white of the sands are the among the best things on the island.

    When I snorkel - it is my own pulsating breath that remind me Im in a new world now. Just a few inches below the water, my eye begins to search - darting between slippery grey rocks and the white of the sands for aquatic life.

    I see big bodied beings in brilliant flashes of color. I see motion - now rapid now placid. I see the calm serenity with which the living devours another ...
  2. Dense woods, rippling water, a different love

    Wandered all over the forests in eastern Oahu.We were searching and removing exotic plants that could potentially overrrun the native vegetation. It was a tidy bunch of eight nature enthusiasts.

    There were ridges and gulches. Loved it in the dark mysterious gloom of the forests. Loved it when the group would break out in the open sunlight - on a ridgetop with a thick - REALLY thick like knee deep mat of ferns.Loved it most when crawling through the undergrowth - thickened even more ...
  3. Piss drunk

    Friday night yeah - before I forget
    Tossed in assigments and jiggy danced all the way to the bar - with the hottest hunk in my dorm
    I could see he was bein checked out by the women as we entered - and of course I was kinda feelin silly

    Not for long
    Couple pitchers and evreyone was err..
    "gay" and happy -an unruly happy crowd of students hurraying over the end of the semester

    Somewhere there in between forgotten conversation and ...
  4. You stopped and looked back at me

    You stopped and looked back in me
    And I stopped as well
    made us both come closer

    When you cupped my face in your hands
    And we both breathed in a single breath
    Something in the breeze rustled magically through us

    When you burned me with your lips
    Somewhere between the heat of ice and the cold of fire
    We made you and me become US

    My head fell on your shoulders brushing your cheeks ...
  5. My dorm room neighbor

    Damned egoist that I am I never wanted to admit that I did want him to knock on my door. Of course I had wanted conversation. Hours and hours of it.

    And so- when he did knock,I was surprised that I felt my hands go a bit damp. And cold. In anticipation.

    The rest of me tingled as I opened the door. Of course!

    Hi,I think I had said. I forget the rest. But I remember I just kept staring.

    Again fat- head that I am, I usually put on this ...
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