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  1. Alive & Screaming

    Lyrics to Alive And Screaming :
    Still hard to believe you're gone
    As they say, the wise are wise too young
    And we long for fallen days
    Here I go now, here I go again

    Still everywhere I go feels a long way from home
    And times when I wonder, in my mind, if you ever believed in me
    I have lied in this bed, oh I've been here before
    I believe when we love we lose nothing at all (though it's over) still ...
  2. 4 Long Years!

    4 Long Years Today!

    Missing my Mookie! :cry:
  3. Dealing With Being Shy & The Thought Of Dating

    I have always been shy and I always will be. As I have gotten older, I think that I have become even more shy, not less shy. I'm fine with people that I know well but when it comes to strangers, especially ones that I'm attracted to, I just totally freeze up. I get so uncomfortable and nervous that I can't say anything.

    I think instead of trying to fight with myself, I just need to accept that and accept that I will probably never date anyone because of it. The last date I had was over ...
  4. I love my neighbors!

    I have such amazing neighbors. There is a national forest information center across the street from the development that I live in. They just built a new building and garden for it. Inside the garden , they are going to have a memorial garden.

    Many of my neighbors got together and paid for a beautiful memorial for my best friend. They gave me the card last night to show me what they have done. :cry:

    It is scheduled to be installed in approximately 2 weeks. I will see ...
  5. May 2009 Bring Us Closer To Equal Rights For All

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