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  1. To 'blog' ly go...

    Ill admit, i couldn't think of a very good tittle to post, but i was just getting damn sick of my ebay complaint. I haven't really had anything to say, or rather, nothing i could be bothered to say here, Blogs just confuse me, well not the porno blogs, they just horn me out.

    I guess the last 3 years have been about "boldly going" to places i havn't been before, allot has happend to me, or around me that are just starting to get to me. 2005 isn't a year thats going to be ...
  2. Ebay Blues

    Iíve been using ebay for about a year, not really bought allot though, mainly games but im surprised by the slowness of English sellers who sell games. I know you should wait up to a week before even beginning to worry about your item getting to you and since your dealing with people just like you or me you should expect human laziness and such.

    Iím just annoyed that when ever I have bought a game through ebay and it has been from England it has taken longer than a week, where as ...
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