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  1. Not being negative, but...

    I'm not being negative, but I am going to spend the rest of my life alone... I just have to accept that. I've tried to fight it.

    I've tried to meet people either through friends or just in the real world, no one is interested. The best that got me was a stupid boy who winds me up and makes me feel I'm not good enough.

    I've tried online dating, the best that got me was a married closet case who used me to get himself off.

    I've tried to change myself, but that ...
  2. Sweet Rejection

    I just got rejected in the sweetest way ever!

    Okay so I’ve been drinking, which explains why I’m posting this, but I felt like sharing how I just got rejected in quite a sweet way.

    Well I’ve been close with this guy before, snogging, groping but nothing more than over the sweater action. And we’ve even fallen out over it before… I assumed we were more than what he thought it was.

    Well tonight was no different… only we were both drunk and I was throwing myself ...
  3. "The Cake Is a Lie"

    "The Cake Is a Lie"

    A visual quote from the portal video game about a girl being lead through maze, promised cake upon completion. Actually the cake is a lie and she faces death upon completion.

    I just love the quote, its cute but sinister at the same time, plus you can relate it to a whole heap of other junk too.

    "Love Is a Lie"

    Would be my interpretation, life of course being the 'maze'. You live your life, doing certain challenges ...
  4. That was silly.

    Okay I don’t know if any one actually really reads this or cares about it, but it helps me to just get it out there, without the pain of annoying people with a thread.

    So this guy I met online, well I invited him out for a drink so he questioned in what capacity I meant. I said something along the lines of "I like you yada yada yada, maybe more than a friend blah blah" And I think the word date got thrown in for good measure. Hehe, I'm stupid. I think I might have scared him ...
  5. How Do You Know?

    How do you know if someone likes you if you have only ever spoken to them through a stupid social networking site?

    I think I'm falling for this guy I met through a social site, we both have the same views on life, love and sexuality although other than that we have quite different intrests. Hes more music and fitness, I'm more art and video games.

    Anyway thats not the point, is there anyway to know how he feels. We message each other allot, well once a day kinda, but its ...
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