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  1. more blog

    Long time
    I've been thinking a lot again about relationships and about regrets.
    Me, I'm someone who is pleased to wake up every day, even if I feel 'under the weather', because I know that I'll be doing something new.
    My only regrets include not having a network of friends I can cuddle with.
    I was 10 or 11 when a friend came round and stayed over and spent part of the night rubbing the tip of his prick against mine until he came. I know what this is called now, frottage ...
  2. moving forward

    Having thought after last blog entry about how we waste such a lot of time and energy not saying what we mean, and occasionally cause a lot of grief by saying things at the wrong time to the wrong person, I decided to put this into practice with the guy who is here doing our house decoration - he's a great guy and we get on well, he has a washboard stomach I've seen a couple of times now as he pulls his tracksuit top off when he gets too hot and last time he did this I managed to stroke it as well, ...
  3. thoughts of past and future

    Thinking today of what makes us want body-to-body contact with men. Even if we are happily married and love our wives, like I do. But there is definitely some part of me that she can't satisfy and I don't satisfy when I'm cuddling her and making love. It's something that needs to be filled by a male body. I'm not turned on by overtly gay camp guys (that's a challenge then!!) but by regular masculine guys, the sort who could be older or younger brothers or best friends at school and college. The ...
  4. return to the fold

    Back at home :-)
    The sun shines, the cold outside beckons.
    But here I sit, adding images to my homepage (thanks to one of the people responding to my first pics) and stream-of-consciousness to blogs.
    Last week a good mix of business and personal, away in Oxford, Manchester, back home last night for a local association charity event with my wife.
    Driving north on the motorway from Oxford , it was snowing, not too thick, coming towards the car so that I was travelling ...
  5. Virgin deflowering

    First go
    How can personal life be interesting?
    Got the photos - worked out how to upload - Wheee!
    Splashes of cum on the floor
    Not from my photos - but the other excellent stuff on this site.
    Today's sunny here - get on - in the garden - in my shorts - but cold - Cambridge always windy and cold from Siberia

    My name - I realise that I ought to be built like a shithouse door, look like a 50-year-old motorbiker and be about as round as I'm tall, or ...