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  1. so today i went to some bullshit ass job recruiter looking for insurance agents

    when i thought they were offering me a receptionist job. #-o FUCK!!!

    but after that, i rode around in my brother's car, feeling free and etc. i need a car of my own. i certainly wouldn't be here typing right now. i would be driving around, staying at barnes and noble trying to read up on books, books and more books. :D i don't read often. my vocabulary isn't big and my comprehension skills aren't all that good either. #-o but for some reason, i find a peace of mind being ...
  2. *sigh* feeling sad, down and fucking depressed

    it's time to look at myself for a second.

    i didn't want to post this blog because i didn't want any attention towards me. i'm kind of tug-o-waring with myself on whether i should post this or not.

    but i have to talk about myself.

    last night or rather this morning in actuality, i went to sleep at 5 or 6 o clock in the morning after staying up all night and doing whatever. it's always been a thing of mine to stay up late, watch tv and get as little ...
  3. the possible reactions that my family and friends will have when i come out to them

    *my brother and me riding around in his car after we come from the gym or go to some store to go shopping*

    *some convo with him and me talking, i say something really silly or stupid and he laughs at it and i follow along with him*

    me: aye bro...

    him: what???

    me: you know... i gotta tell you something.

    him: what is it?

    me: uhhhhh.... :( *gulps* i'm gay

    him: :eek: you're what????? ...
  4. i love the rock. he's too funny.

    :rotflmao: :rotflmao: my head is hurting from laughing out loud.

    my favorite one...


  5. this video was made for people like me.

    thanks davey wavey. for real, the coming out process is going to hurt. HURT really bad. looks like i might not have the same homies by the end of the year. i'm going to have to do some "spring, summer, fall, and winter cleaning" when it comes to the toxins of my life. some toxins inside of me, some of my friends, some of my family and etc. it's going to hurt.
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