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  1. Give me some courage boys

    So over the past few months I've really come to terms with my sexuality. I'm gay and there's nothing that will change that. A lot of that is thanks to talking to other gay guys around here (I don't know any personally in real life) I dunno, it's just made me feel more comfortable with who I am.

    So now thoughts of coming out are crossing my mind. It's kinda funny to look back. I know that if you had asked me if I was ready to come out six months ago I would have said, nope, never gonna ...
  2. Crystallizing moment

    I'm writing this mostly for my own benefit just to get this out of my head, but I welcome any thoughts.

    So all through and ever since high school I've stayed really close to my core group of friends and through the years I've become accustomed to them getting girlfriends/boyfriends going through relationships, and it never really bothered me.

    Sometimes I would think why can't that be me just for once. I knew why of course (closetfag) even though they didn't, and of ...
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