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  1. Boyfriend

    I have been having the best time over the past few weeks. It has been REALLY busy as well. In the time I've been gone I have moved house, which was stressful as hell.

    I'd been talking to a guy I met online called Grant, we really hit it off online, but I never expected anything to come of it as he lives in NSW. Last week he came up here on holidays with a friend and we kinda met through chance while I was at work.

    So after I finished up my shift I went outside to meet ...
  2. Uncomfortable

    by , September 24th, 2011 at 09:22 PM
    The last few days have been exhausting for me. I finished my training at work so now I'm a fully independent lifeguard. Which is great, I'm loving my job so far.

    I made my first serious rescue yesterday (I've rescued people before, but that was plucking kids of of waist deep water). It all happened in seconds. I was watching over the pool, when out of nowhere this fat bloke starts flailing, he must have been exhausted.

    I don't know how much you guys know about drowning, ...
  3. Three Down

    It's been a big week for me. Found out on Tuesday that I had my SLS proficiencies this week, so I've been training like a madman for them. Last one is tomorrow and I think I'm up to it.

    But my biggest moment was that I told the last of my three besties that I was gay earlier today. Got some Ice cream and went and sat on the beach with her, thankfully the sun decided to shine today :)

    Like my other two friends she didn't believe me at first. "Really!?" "Yeah, ...
  4. Finally did it

    As the title suggests, I finally [email protected]$king did it. I came out to my roommates.

    We went for a walk out along the beach, and I kept struggling to tell them. Looking for the right time, but like the rest of the times I've thought of telling them I thought I would pussy out.

    Then we passed a guy with a really feminine voice and my mate said, "he sounded happy" and I replied, "what makes you say that?", and he said "I've got a great gaydar" ...
  5. Step one

    So I finally did it. I came out to one of my best friends last night. Granted it was via instant message online, but it was still terrifying. It feels a bit surreal, I don't feel like anything has changed, or any great weight has come off my shoulders. If anything I feel more anxious about it than before.

    My friend was totally cool with it. He didn't believe me at first, partly because I don't come off as sterotypically gay, and partly because I always mess with him so he takes everything ...
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