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  1. Straight Boys Suck.

    You know something? Straight boys suck. Straight boys that make you wonder where they really sit on the fence suck even more.

    All day today Iíve been thinking about this guy I know from work. Heís our union representative and as such works in a different office, one that is not directly associated with mine. We may only see one another maybe once or twice throughout the month and I have to tell you that Iíve had a pretty strong crush on him for a while now.

    I never ...
  2. First Blog Entry!

    Okay. This is the inaugural blog entry of a self-confessed comic book geek. How is this important? Well, it is what I am. Among other things. I'll come back to that latter. Maybe that can be another entry.

    Where am I at the moment. Hmm... I am in a better mood for one. Have been for a while now. It's not that I'm some depressed guy or anything, but it's that I've finally accepted myself for who and what I am. I'm gay. For a long while I knew this but would not admit it ...
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