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  1. I've done it again

    I've created a new blog to post my pictures of the flowers in and the garden.

    Digital Beekeeper
  2. after all this time this still makes me cry

  3. Love, yes again!

    I have known Charlie for only a few weeks and once again my life is turned upside down. We first met when a friend, Corinne, came by for a visit and brought Charlie with her. They were only going to come for coffee but stayed till dinner time whilst we chatted away.

    And now just a few weeks later, next to me is a dark haired beauty, snoring away, while I try to be quiet, so as not to wake Charlie with my typing. Mind you I feel tired myself after the long walk we went ...
  4. Life in the Village

    So how did I end up here?

    Ian's dad died at the beginning of January.
    As an only child with a mother who relies on him we ended up going back and forth between Arnhem and Brentwood every other weekend. Rushing from work on Friday evening to catch an easyjet flight to London Stansted and back again every Sunday meant we felt rushed most of the week. To be honest we hardly ever unpacked but just changed some of the contents of our suitcase the eveinng before we left for England ...
  5. I blame the socket!

    I suppose now would be as good a time as any to say hello again. After a long spell of no internet, Ian got us signed up to BT for a broadband connection which has been sitting in a box for the past weeks as neither of us could figure out why we had no connection. It has been lying there doing sod all for the past weeks. Ian tried - bless him - to set up the connection when we got it but threw a tantrum when all we got was a no signal message. I do love him and the vehemence with which he hates ...
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