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  1. Being With A Man

    When asked if I could ever be in a relationship with a man, I almost always respond, "Never say never." It's a neutral response, a cop out response really. The truth was--quite frankly--absolutely not. I love a mans body and power, his smell and touch. I love the pleasure that only another man can give me. I love sex with a man--just sex. Could I date a man? No. Fall in love with a man? No. Could I be in a committed relationship with a man? Sorry, no. I have felt that this was the truth ...
  2. Sleeping Lessons

    Beautiful. Brilliant. Gives me chills every time.

    Go without,
    'Til the need seeps in,
    You low animal,
    Collect your novel petals for the stem,

    Melt and flow,
    Eviscerate your fragile frame,
    Spill it out on the ragged floor,
    The thousand different versions of yourself,

    And if the old guards still offend,
    They got nothing left on which you depend,