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  1. Salty Wet

    The Chinese word for horny apparently means "Salty Wet."

    So I've met someone - a fascinating guy with big blue eyes. He's only 5'5" but he's beautiful. He likes to talk sadly about his old girlfriend (yes, a straight rebound) and because he's new to the city, he's never had seafood before. I took him out for Japanese and watched in horror as he ate shrimps, tails and all.

    He is sweet and he's like a big puppy.

    But there are other things weighing ...
  2. Stupid Biatch

    :mad: Fag Hag nag.

    Stupid biatch calls me up drunk. Babbles on and on like a "baby girl" because for some reason, she thinks it's cute. 31 one year old with a nostalgia fixation and she thinks she's 17 and gets all cranky like a 12 year old. Abso-phucking-lootly annoying.

    So this is the woman who always tells me - if I'm acting stupid, kick my ass, okay?

    So I tell her to stop acting like an idiot and she gets all hurt and cranky. Ugh, women!