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  1. Leaving Los Angeles

    this girl i know - probably the closest thing I have to my fag hag - is leaving LA. She's had enough and she's moving back to Oklahoma.

    she blogs - foolish girl - and she has gone on and on about how she returns with her head up high. she's portraying herself as a victim of evil LA and that after 7 years, she's done all she can and she returns to Oklahoma with nothing to be ashamed of.


    This is the girl who only works 4 days a week because she wants ...
  2. why blog

    hmmm, not sure why people blog. it's like an open diary or journal, but confession is good for the soul.

    so a couple years ago, i was raped by this guy. a few years before that, i'd say i loved him, but i fell out of love when it was clear that this guy was all about sexual politics. Sex as a weapon. Beg for it, baby. Lick it up. He'd screwed anyone around him - guys and girls - as long as they worshipped him. He was so hot, he'd have a pool party and people would line up to suck ...
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