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  1. Salty Wet

    The Chinese word for horny apparently means "Salty Wet."

    So I've met someone - a fascinating guy with big blue eyes. He's only 5'5" but he's beautiful. He likes to talk sadly about his old girlfriend (yes, a straight rebound) and because he's new to the city, he's never had seafood before. I took him out for Japanese and watched in horror as he ate shrimps, tails and all.

    He is sweet and he's like a big puppy.

    But there are other things weighing ...
  2. Stupid Biatch

    :mad: Fag Hag nag.

    Stupid biatch calls me up drunk. Babbles on and on like a "baby girl" because for some reason, she thinks it's cute. 31 one year old with a nostalgia fixation and she thinks she's 17 and gets all cranky like a 12 year old. Abso-phucking-lootly annoying.

    So this is the woman who always tells me - if I'm acting stupid, kick my ass, okay?

    So I tell her to stop acting like an idiot and she gets all hurt and cranky. Ugh, women!
  3. New word

    Learned a new word last nite - sportfucking.

    Not in the best of moods. Anticipation. Disappointment. Anger and resentment. Plans for revenge.

    Need to win a lottery one day.:mad:
  4. Time

    I was having lunch over the weekend with a friend, and I told her I was feeling old.

    "Old?" She laughed. "You've always been old."

    "What does that mean?"

    She then told me that I was thought like an old person. WOrrying about consequences, very serious, etc... What happened to your childhood? Your do what you like?

    I was surprised. I mean, I know I'm a serious person, but I didn't think that made me an old fuck. ...
  5. Things I learned from my dog

    My best friend in the world is my dog, Buffy. She's a dox/basset hound cross which makes her look like a big cartoon character.... Cliffy, the big red dog?

    When I used to live in an apartment in Culver City, it was small, we fought with the neighbors over noise, and she was alway sick, barfing on the carpet or getting allergic skin reactions.

    I moved last year to a different place. bigger, quieter. And it's been amazing how she's changed. No more illnessess. No more skin ...
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