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  1. My first job

    So...tomorrow I'm going out there and start working professionally for the first time. Maybe it sounds weird for you folks here (who decide to stop a while and read this little post...oh well) but in Asian countries, unless in China or for very very poor people, youngsters don't usually work, even part-time, until they graduate.

    Actually, I kind of lied - it's not a real job, it's just apprenticeship slot, but I'm getting paid for what I did, despite significantly lower than real ...
  2. Chronic Mind Block?

    Don't know why but it's already two years since I suffered from mind block. I'm usually productive with words, but these two years I haven't resumed my stories at all despite all the definite ideas - somehow writing them down makes the ideas seems stupid and thus I relent. I used to produce about 2-3 poems in a month and these two years I only invent 10.

    I don't know what to do. I really hate to put everything to a permanent halt but now even words only sound beautiful in the realm ...
  3. Too much pussies

    I know I would hate being in OB/GYN despite people's persuasion that it is an extremely exciting module :##:

    I mean, pussies are not my things, and now I have to watch them covered in blood and mucus, not to mention inserting my two fingers into the cavity every half an hour? :eek:

    And when I carry the newborn infants, I always pray I wouldn't drop them due to excessive slipperiness. ](*,)

    :help: Seven weeks to go.
  4. Doctors' Love Approach Method: just for fun


    1. Anamnestic type
    This type of 'doctors' usually approach their persons of interest via words. They must collect enough information verbally so as to determine their next step(s). This kind of people are very detailed and usually hard to resist since they are good in revolving their sentences but can be pretty sly and argumentative, especially with their super move: "But you said you were ________________!!!"
  5. My pseudo-graduation

    Two days ago was my badge's graduation. I went to the campus to attend it.

    Well, actually, even though it's my year, I was not supposed to attend it because technically and legitimately I haven't graduated yet until February (you can read why in the other entries).

    But I insisted to go as a 'special' guest. Just to enjoy the moment.

    And it's the first time I didn't regret my impulsive actions. The graduation was a pseudo-procedure for me, but the moments ...
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