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  1. As naked wrestler

    Diary of a submissive naked male slave:
    Naked wrestling, in oil or messy.

    Naked wrestling in oil is still a big turn on for many: in this thread some of my memories as 'erotic artist' in clubs

    In the late 1980's i worked officially as waiter in a bar, "garçon" in French. The first hours i worked dressed like a decent waiter. After the official closing time around midnight, only 'members' were admitted, a rather different public that wasn't ...
  2. Presenting myself

    My body as submissive naked male slave.

    SM8591 is my nickname referring to the period 1985-1991 when i was active as escort to bring true any kinky fetishes and bizarre fantasies.
    My real name is 'Jean', born in 1963 in France. Even as fulltime whore I could please only a limited number of people. Live sex required both time and precaution to maintain a body in healthy condition. As escort the pure ...