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  1. Palm Springs Pride

    For people who don't like reading long entries, avoid this post or scroll down to the last few paragraphs.

    Last time I went to Palm Springs Pride was probably several years ago probably back in 2008 I suppose. It was fun back then but there was something about it this year that made me just go hmmm...

    It felt very unwelcoming this year, probably it's just because of the recent vibes I've been getting lately with gay people. The feeling of feeling like an outsider, feeling ...
  2. Nothing important

    Eight Years at JUB
    By Brannie

    Well just like the title says nothing important.... Just one of those days that come and go and forgotten the next. I can't believe I've been here at JUB for 8 years, well I come and go with accounts but I've been here since 2004. Unbelievable that it's been that long, I've seen a lot of drama, a lot of changes, people come and go, members leave for good, and sometimes leave onto better places not on this earth (heaven). A lot of ass kissing, making up, ...
  3. First JUB Meet - Portland (LONG READ)

    Day One - Friday

    Even though me and antdak missed about 40% of the JUB meet we still were able to visit the last bits of the meet when they came to the end after each day. This was mainly due to antdak working each day, his days off were Monday and Tuesday and the JUB meet was Friday through Sunday.

    So after sending most of my day sitting at home and watching The Simpsons and on my laptop the time came when I had to get ready and wait for antdak to come back from work. ...
  4. JUB For Me (2004 - 2011)

    This will be a long read, you might end up being offended as well, I mention no names on this, I don't like playing favorites so I don't mention screen names. Enjoy.

    This is just my experience on JUB and what I felt. I am sure that not everyone here will have had the same experience as I had some might even consider their JUB experience 100% positive while others might have had a bad experience on JUB. It's just what you make of it.

    JUB For Me
    By Brandon