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  1. I'm Gay

    Since I joined in 2009, I've considered myself bi because at that time, I was having sex with girls more than with guys. And it wasn't so I could hold on to something or say part of me was straight. I couldn't care less of what people think of me, I used to care, but not anymore. I genuinely enjoyed sex with women.

    But that's all. Just sex.

    I didn't want to commit to a relationship because the only relationships I've had (4) all ended in jealousy on their part or their ...
  2. More More About Me

    So there's already an 'About Me' section on people's homepages/profiles, and a 'More About Me' section. So this is More, MORE About Me. =P

    Name: -
    Alias: Stoowii
    DOB: 06/15/1986
    Age: See DOB above
    Birthplace: Houston
    Location: Houston
    Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Status: Single
    Occupation: Veterinary Assistant

    Updated January 16th, 2013 at 10:24 AM by Stoowii (Got a new job! :))