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  1. Anyone still out there

    Ha not sure if I still have any readers or followers of this blog. Sorry I have not been around for a long time but well I have gotten out of checking in here as JUB has changed and well I have changed and what can I say.

    I wanted to repost my opus story My Best Friend and am not allowed to do it as I wrote it with the new restrictive rules in place. I fully support rules and fully support the owners of JUB to do whatever they have to do for the site. That being said I don't agree ...
  2. I am bummed

    and for those of you readers who know me at all I am almost never bummed out but.......

    I have been working and working on re-writing and re-editing my opus story My Best Friend. The story of Timmy and Tom that goes almsot 2,000 pages.

    My heart and sould went in the writing of this story and I felt I was touching on so many important themes of being gay in this world of ours.

    But the story contained some very minor smoking of pot which I felt was part of ...
  3. March and it is gorgeous

    Well February and so far March have been wonderful in the mountains. All the forest flowers like Bloodroot and Trillum and The Pitcher plants are coming up early on the forest floor and I love it! What a time to be alive and be outsdie and walking in the woods.

    I have a new story posted in case you have not seen it The Gym. Tell me what you think.

    I love this time of yar also as I live in a small college town and the guys all put away their long pants and their boots ...
  4. Cold today

    Another cold winter day today but at least we have been spared the worst of this terrible storm hitting farther North although we have had our share this winter.

    Posted a new re-edited story Two High School Seniors. Check it out.

    The revised and re-edited version of My Best Friend starts soon. Don't miss it.

    Peace and love you all:kiss:
  5. New Story posted

    Hey guys I have posted a new story that is a bit dark but what the hell it came out when i wrote and what more can i say.

    Gorgeous sunny warmer day here after smoe brutal cold winter weather this past week. Yikes what a winter it has been.

    I have been working hard to re-write My best Friend the story of Timmy and Tom and wa sthinking of changing the name to True Companion. What do you think?

    Oh well keep reading and keep jerking.
    Tom:kiss: ...
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