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  1. Holding on

    There are fifty words for mountain in norwegian
    there are more than two hundred eskimo words for snow
    Words for war-strategy, weapon-systems and IT are many and american.

    How many words do we have for holding on?
    When Do we use them?
    Where do we use them?

    I want to invent fifty words for not quitting
    I want to create a hundred words for beliving that everything can be done.

    And I would say them all to you,
  2. I am so hot..

    I'm gonna continue to publish these things until someone tells me to stop.
    This one is about summer love, with a twist.
    It would help if I could sing it to someone, but unfortunately I can't sing at all.:-)

    I've got salt in my hair
    ,and sand in my sandals
    The icecream melts on my sunburnt lip
    by the beach,
    People are nearly nude

    Then I see you there, glowing in the sun
    And I fall for you when you smile at me
  3. Rock Hard

    Well, this world isn't a very easy place to exist in. In fact it's really hard. Just living a normal life is a great accomplishment, and not really normal at all. I used to work alot more than I do now, but since I've found a hobby and changed my life a bit, I think I'm much happier than I was when I worked like crazy.

    I might not have as much money as I had before, but I manage (at least for now). There's a number of things I've started doing on my free time, besides going to the ...
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