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  1. Maybe you need someone.

    I remember it so well, you asked me in
    I wanted to get under your skin
    You said that you liked art and nice men
    I dreamt that I could be one of them
    I remember that I wanted to live
    Wanted you to give
    Give me some time
    I hoped that you would say
    Maybe you, need someone who needs you too
    Need someone that hears you too
    Maybe you, need someone who needs you too
    Maybe you need,
    Maybe I,
    Need someone..
  2. When you're sleeping

    When you sleep, I turn down the light that sweeps,
    over your shoulders,
    your golden hair, your warm skin.
    You're only really mine when you're sleeping, the days roll by and do as they want
    I strech over and sniff you in,
    You're free. when your sleeping
    You're free. when your sleeping

    When you're sleeping,
    I can't hunt down your ghosts
    I see you shiver, I see you smile
    You're a secret you dont know about
    When you're ...
  3. I'm dying

    Here is my town and my place and my garden
    I'm 35 and I'm the one named Tom
    And I'm dying in an hour

    I just don't know it yet

    Here is my house and my lovely wife
    We met early, and i promised her life,
    but ten years is all she's gonna get

    She just don't know it yet

    For what it's worth,
    I still think I am lucky
    And whats even worse,
    I've never, never been this happy

    Here's my
  4. Fortress of solitude

    I have a place down in the city
    with a bed and a icehockey game
    and some dishes, faithfully waiting
    I have a crow on the rooftop, he does as he wants
    He flies away whenever there's too much problems

    We have bad days, and a beat-up old car
    Like a lover that never let go
    I have nights that are too long, in a bed that's a little to short
    But Im free, free, free
    Like the crow on the rooftop

    We have sharpened senses, ...
  5. Rumba!

    Well, this one is from a true story from my days as a dancer.:-)
    I remember I hated going there, and i hated dancing with the girls. I was very afraid of this one girl that was a fair bit bigger than me, and every time I ended up dancing with her.

    I even have a melody for this. The text isn't finished and lacks some rythm and rhymes along with some spelling errors. Bear with me:-)

    Rumba with McGee

    In the community house, with a red tie and quite
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