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  1. The Old Piano

    The old piano
    with the loose h-key
    Stands looming in the corner
    Like everything's still glee
    But sometimes i find things that are still around
    A t-shirt with the smell
    A picture witht the front side down

    Everyday is a wounded animal that drags along
    Until its only me and the news-anchor
    And goodnight is his only song
    I could have been somewhere else
  2. I told you so!

    And here's one for everybody that knows,
    that hindsight is the only, the one and only exact science.
    Dont drink that booze, you can loose your eyesight
    Dont dive from the rocks, you can get paralyzed for life
    Dont eat that food, youll only get diarrhea
    Dont have random sex, you can get aids and gonorrea
    Dont try a cigarette, youll become an addict
    Keep off the streets, youll get your as kicked
    Don't go to parties, they'll only kick ...
  3. A bum is born

    There sat a poor bastard on a bench by where i live
    His eyes were full of tears
    he screamed at everybody that passed
    They shaked their heads and said
    'My god, I'm happy'

    In 2010 he woke up from his dream
    It had set a mark on him
    Bombing, pillaging, drinking
    everything that a war is.

    After the war he came home to his humble home
    Back to his wife that waited for him to come
    But everything wasnt like he'd thought ...
  4. The thief

    Another entry with some lyrics. This time on the very original subject of death..:-)

    This is not the finished version, I'll edit it when I get the time...|

    Asks noone, doesn't breathe
    The sweeping steel scythe
    Tears open blue sky
    Noone is safe in the meadow

    Slices the fall without minute
    without rest, blind and mute
    It's here, then there like lightning
    steals your loved one
    The thief, the thief
  5. Angel from hell

    More of the usual crap I write every now and then:twisted:

    Angel from hell

    I go to school and really gleam
    I play football and normally impress
    I'm both boys and girls inner dream
    And all mothers favorite address

    My friends say that i'm quite straight
    But there's something they dont know
    About meeeeeeeee

    I'm an angel, sent from hell
    No wings, no good spell
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