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  1. Where you are.

    I wrote this earlier this month when I was feeling insecure and sad.

    I imagine you at the aquarium, meeting some other volunteer who is way more passionate about biology and animals than I could ever be. You’re both standing in front of the tortoise and the sharks, illuminated by the bluish light from inside the tank. It makes his eyes even bluer. He has a smile that turns heads and he’s charming, making you laugh with every other sentence, while I could only make you roll your ...
  2. Five months

    Five months later, and you surprise me by still managing to break my heart when you’re not even here.
  3. Untitled

    After watching Howl, I really felt like writing poetry, and managed to scribble most of this at work later that night.


    I am not sitting in a bar
    with a foggy glass of rusty scotch in my hand,
    but I may as well be.
    I am not hunched over
    with open window eyes
    peering into a shrouded forest,
    full of strange calls,
    but I may as well be.
    I am not sucking and gnawing on the ice in my glass,
    narrowly missing
  4. Anybody want to fund my next short film project?

    From my blog, here:

    I have some really good ideas for some blog posts but I always get to posting something at around 11pm when it doesn’t give me much time to really flesh out the idea, read it over at least once, and make it seem brilliant. I should try and get my posts done earlier, eh?

    In other news, does anyone reading this want to give me money to help me make my ...
  5. 30 seconds to 5 minutes

    I give you more than a blackjack,
    never believing the cards you hold
    is a bluff.
    Because why lie on a day a mere six calendar pages back when
    you and I once walked on an overcast day, feet from the Indian restaurant on Main Street with the savoury samosas you like so much,
    while my doubts cast their spell on me before I asked,
    “So… are we boyfriends?”
    And even after more than a fortnight of already sensing the answer,
    I waited x number of days
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