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  1. all you really need to know parts I & II

    PART I
    a.c. newman; abiku; aimee mann; air; akron/family; alpine those myriads!; american football; american sloth; ampere; amps for christ; an albatross; anatomy of a ghost; anderson films; andrew bird's bowl of fire; andrew kenney; angel hair; animal collective; annie; antony & the johnsons; apparat; appleseed cast; applied communications; arcade fire; archers of loaf; architecture in helsinki; arco; ariel pink; arnold schoenberg; at the drive-in; atmosphere; b-52s; badgerlore; ...
  2. BLONDE.

    Check out the new picture.
    Instead of dying my hair black again, I decided to go in the opposite direction - blonde.
    There is a little orange in there due to trace amounts of black dye still in my hair (even though it's been months since I dyed it last). A friend of mine is fixing it tomorrow afternoon.

    And I'm sick. :mad:
  3. QAF

    Yeah. I rented the first two discs of the second season of "Queer as Folk."
    I love it, but it makes me weary of starting to date men. :\
    I just don't understand why they continue to be friends with Brian.
    And I hope that Justin dumps Brian for that guy he deflowered at the party.

    What season is on Shotime right now? I know I'm really fucking behind, but we don't have cable or satellite, so I have to rent all the shows from work.
    I probably should ...
  4. Six Feet Under one of my new favourite TV shows. I rented disc one of the first season and have only seen the pilot, but regardless, it's fucking great.
    I didn't know that Alan Ball (he wrote the screenplay for American Beauty) wrote and directed the show... that makes me want to see every episode even more.

    I feel bad that it took this long for me to download the new Loretta Lynn album. It's fucking great.
  5. Illegal Art

    I downloaded this short film called Removed by Naomi Uman very slowly (it's 74MB and I connect with my 56K so slowly that it's obscene).
    The whole thing is scenes from old softcore pornos, but Naomi has coloured over the women with white paint, as well as tinting the rest of the picture and superimposing some grit.
    I rented Lieberstraum because it is part of the MGM Avant-Garde Cinema Collection, and it looked interesting. Modern Avant-Garde/experimental cinema usually revolves around ...
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