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Shepherd 2

  1. Aesthetics

    What is it that every life needs to make it complete. Perhaps some of you would answer sex, or relationship, affirmation, a job that is fulfilling or just to have this pain stop.

    In this blog I want to share with you my great need for aesthetics. I love sunsets and sunrises. I love rainbows. I love mountains, especially my Blue Knob. I love fine art of all kinds. I love music in its great variety. I love the aesthetics of watching skilled atheletes do their atheletic best.
  2. True Freedom is Found in Truth

    Today, I am grateful to say I am a citizen of the United States. My Swiss Mennonite ancertors were
    facing the wrath of the Church both Catholic and Reforned in Zurich Canton. What a beautiful place. I just love the natural beauty of Switzerland. But I am an American, a citizen of the United States.

    Beginning from 1538 through 1671 one grandfather of another was burned at the stake. One grandmother was drowned on the pretext that she wa a witch. Here in the states, most ...
  3. The Journey to JUB

    Today I begin a new journey for me, I am writing my first blog. It is a page (more like a chapter) out of my journal from age 12 to 16. JUB is important for me because it has given me the opportunity to face the loose ends of an earlier time.

    July of nearly fifty-five years ago. Summer was then a time of being carefree and happy. My Dad planned an adventure for an uncle, a cousin, himself and me. We were going to go to Norfolk to visit with other cousins and to go fishing and ...
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